Traditional British Christmas Fruit Cake and Pudding
A classic old fashioned fruit cake or Christmas pudding stogged full of vine fruit and brandy.

Laine pulls out all the stops to make you a deliciously rich, dark and moist old fashioned fruit cake
with premium vine fruit, cherries and nuts steeped in fine French brandy.  Each cake is
meticulously hand prepared using only the finest all natural ingredients with
no artificial flavours or colours other than the glazed cherries and no preservatives. It's never too early to order
as your fruit cake needs to mature over a period of time whilst being fed liberal lashings of brandy. 
By the time Christmas arrives, yo
ur fruit cake is flavoured to perfection!

Three cake sizes are available: 6 inch (15cm), 8 inch (20cm) or 2 inch (5cm) mini cakes.
Please scroll down for pricing.

We offer both iced with marzipan and fondant or un-iced for you to decorate as you wish.
Choose from a traditional poinsettia design or a tumbling Father Christmas
watched by a bemused reindeer for the six or eight inch cakes.

  Cakes can be decorated with or without a scattering of edible stars.
Gold stars are used on the Poinsettia cake whilst silver stars are used on the Father Christmas cake.
We also offer bespoke cakes, at no additional cost, for those who prefer their cake
without cherries or nuts or who would prefer whiskey to brandy.

    Perhaps for you, Christmas is just not
    Christmas without the perfectly traditional
    Christmas Pudding, steamed for hours and

    moist with stout, vine fruit, dates, plums,
    our mixed spice, and lashings of fine
    French brandy.

    Are our puddings really THAT good?  
    Don't take our word for it:
    "Laine I wanted to drop you a line
    to let you know your Christmas pudding
    was delicious! Perfection! My 90 year old Mum
    said you made an old lady very happy as your
    pudding was just like the ones her Mum made
    & she felt as if she was back in her childhood
    home in Tottenham."
    Linda M of Phoenix, AZ
    Your Christmas pud is suet-free and available
    in three sizes:
  • 1/2 pint (perfect for two)
  • One pint (serves 6 - 8)
  • Two pints (serves 10 - 12)

Decorated Cake Sizes
  2 inch mini's (4 cake order)   600gm   64.00
 6 inch  2000gm   85.00
 8 inch
 2650gm  101.00

Undecorated Cake Sizes
  2 inch mini's (4 cake order)   500gm 52.00
 6 inch  1600gm  63.00 
 8 inch
 2200gm  90.00

Christmas Pudding Sizes
4 x 1/2 pint  48.00
 1 Pint
 2 Pints  48.00

It's NEVER too early to order your traditional Christmas fruit cake and pud!
  Orders should be placed on or before 7 November, 2020.
A 50% deposit is requested at the time of ordering.

Orders are accepted after November 7th, 2020 on a limited basis only.

Please call or e-mail with questions or to place your order.

Direct:  561.789.8971


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