Reviews of Our Scrummy Traditional British Bakery Items...

Laine I wanted to drop you a line to let you know your Christmas pudding was delicious! Perfection! My 90 year old Mom said you made an old lady very happy
as your pudding was just like the ones her Mum made & she felt as if she was back in her childhood home in Tottenham.
-Linda M, Phoenix, AZ

Everything was delicious and your baking skills made us look good in front of our new UK owners! Thank you very much.
-Regina H., Fort Lauderdale

Just tried four kinds of cookies - Shrewsbury, Cornish Fairings, Ricciarelli, and the lime ones. They are all absolutely "scrumptious".  I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite.

Also had a couple of slices of your "Hovis" granary bread toasted; really delicious and wonderful texture.  Just like home!
-Valerie S., Boca Raton

I was presented with one of your mini Christmas cakes at a recent gathering and I just had to tell you that I have never tasted a fruit cake quite as lovely and rich as yours!
-Lee G., Hollywood

The granary bread is awesome! I had a slice plain yesterday and a slice toasted this morning - wonderful flavor and texture.
-Monica S., Deerfield Beach

Just to let you know how much we enjoyed your baked goods.  I'd have to say that the scones and Shrewsbury biscuits were the favorites.  The shower was absolutely delightful.  My daughter and future son-in-law were thrilled and quite touched with the authentic English Tea menu.
-Carrie C., Boca Raton

I just wanted to thank you for participating in our INC event at Macy's.  The cookies were a hit! Our customers really enjoyed them.
-Crissy T., INC Manager, Macy's, Boca Raton

The traditional British scones were a huge hit at our Father's Day brunch.  The tender, authentic scones were delivered to me locally for free!.... yes, free!  We served them with cream & cherry preserves.... there wasn't one left.  Everyone loved them.  We will most definitely be ordering from you again and again.    
-Lisa L., Parkland

Laine IS really fresh really great British baked stuff.  We've tried everything from her scones (amazing!) to her gingernuts (wonderful- really really gingery). She uses her family's recipes. Her stuff is so addicting, if you eat too much of it you might get her English/Aussie accent. =)
She helped me plan an afternoon "teatime" bridal shower and supplied everything from the scones to the dainty sandwiches. I wish she had a store so we could just stop by and pick up stuff, but I'll take the "call her and get it with free delivery" over not having her around at all. Thanks Laine!

-Marie B., Boca Raton

I have been ordering from Laine's Kitchen for several years.  It is the perfect gift for just about any occasion.  Sometimes, I order for a delivery to my own home, especially helpful when I am entertaining.  My Mom was born in Ireland and she feels like she is back in the "ole sod" when she has the scones, tea bread, fruitcake or biscuits (cookies).  It is true "high tea" finery.  I highly recommend Laine's Kitchen.  
-Eileen V., Boca Raton

Your hot cross buns are brill!  I toasted them, slathered them with butter and was immediately transported back to my mum's kitchen table.  So glad you are offering them year round.
-Cath R., Delray Beach

I found out about Laine at the Green Market last year. Her British baked items are authentic and delicious. I had Maid of Honor tarts years ago on a trip to England.  Laine knew what they were, made them and I could swear I was back in the UK. We tried her "real" hotcross buns and they WERE real and really outstanding. No Publix quality stuff here. These were full of fruit and spices, chewy and glazed with a sticky syrup. If you want a REAL British baker, Laine is who you need to call. Everything she makes is made fresh when you order. Although she doesn't have a brick and mortar store, call her and she delivers
for free. 
-Craig G., Boca Raton

I highly recommend the Rich Fruit Cake (Simnel Cake) and the Christmas Cake which is also a delicious, dark rich fruit cake made around the holidays in England.  These cakes are absolutely delightful; rich, full of fruit and loaded with brandy.  Thank you!
-Marc V., West Palm Beach





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